(Unif Acid tee , Unif Hell is so hot tee , Mink Pink Slasher shorts , Jeffrey Campbell Saturn Cutout Wedge)

I have a online shopping problem but can you blame me? I mean at least i try to get the best prices instead of being an impulsive shopper. hah! I blame karmaloop and other online stores like pretty penniesplum for polly because they usually have good deals on my favorite brands and let’s not forget having promo codes in hand, oh boy! My Unif collection just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I couldn’t be happier because i am overly obsessed with their stuff. Those Mink Pink shorts i got for SUCH a good deal on karmaloop, got them on sale for about $45 dollars, you might think thats still a bit pricey for “shorts” BUT if you knew how good they look on and how comfortable and cute they are you would N-O-T pass them by plus it beats paying about $75 dollars for them. Once again karmaloop always comes through in helping me get the best prices so when i ran into these Saturns by JC for $110 i literally jumped from my seat! Ive been lusting over those crazy looking wedges for weeks! Originally they’re about $200 which is WAY over my budget for shoes so i believe i scored with the price i got them for! 🙂 The Saturns are pretty comfortable and easy to walk in only thing is that they’re not true to size, im usually a 7 1/2 and there was only a size 7 left so i just got them but i tried them on they Still fit me a litle loose but it’s not that bad. I feel like after these purchases i need to take a shopping break. hehe but knowing me i probably won’t! Don’t forget to use repcode : LILYCAKES to save 20% off your whole order on karmaloop.com ! 🙂



  1. amalie September 2, 2011 / 3:14 pm

    such a cute tee, and love your wedges!

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