Baby’s On Fire //

(Motel Crop top  c/o Lulus.comMink Pink slasher shorts c/o, UO necklace, BC Footwear creepers, UO clear sunglasses )

I can’t get enough of Die Antwoord’s song Baby’s On Fire or the video for that matter. Like I CAN’T. Sooo freaking stoked that they’re coming down to South Florida, it’s going to be so good. This outfit would be THE perfect outfit to wear for this show. It’s funky, fun, and short. mmm

p.s Did you notice my fake bottom lashes? I should do it more often, love the doll-like effect on my eyes!

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Suped Up Slashers x Prettystellar style


As you all know Mink Pink is doing a killer contest in which you just customize your pair of slasher shorts(or any denim shorts), send in your photo of them and have people vote ! You can read about it in full detail in THIS post of mine. If you haven’t done so, I totally think you should! The prize IS a $1,000 wardrobe! Nope, you didn’t read wrong!! It does end on Aug. 5, so hurry!

Anywho, I joined in on the fun and this is my result!

At first i wanted to dye them pink and yellow , but at the end decided on just the yellow tone.

Once dry, I decided to add some fun patches and of course leopard print material inside the pockets!

Definitely went for the 90’s vibe with these babies, and check out that pink pony, hehe 😉 !


MINKPINK Suped up slashers competition!

This competition is for all the ladies who love DIY and love being creative and having fun! Mink Pink (one of my favorite brands everrrrr, and the makers of the one and only slasher shorts) are having a super rad competition! Not only will the process of creating a pair of SUPED UP shorts be crazzzy fun but just imagine if you WON?! The Winner gets $1,000 of Mink Pink Wardrobe! Ummmm I dont know about you but that’s a dream come true. I’m excited just thinking about it!

So once you are done creating your funky cool shorts (using either Slasher shorts or denim short) , upload it to the competition tab HERE

When you do that, have ALL your Facebook friends VOTE for your creation, for a chance to make it to the Finals!

Simple as that!

It starts today and ends August 5, 2012 !

You can watch the video above to get an idea, or check out their Facebook page! Remember to have fun with it and let your creativity flowwww. GOOD LUCK bbz!


P.S I will be joining in on the fun! So keep a look out for my pair of DIY slasher shorts, hehe. This will be a little bit of a challenge for me since i rarely do DIY butttt HEY I’m up for it and I’m all about having fun in which I SHALL HAVE!


Under your spell

( Shopakira kimono , crop top c/o Crash&Burn , MinkPink slasher shorts , Dolce Vita jemma boots , UO necklace )

(lipstick : limecrime glamour 101 )

This summer I am all about crop top, kimonos and anything comfortable and light.  This tank top that was sent to me is exactly that, it’s comfy, soft, and in one of my favorite colors.

Crash&Burn has provided me with an awesome 20% off  your purchase using promo code: LEPRETTYSTELLAR

offer ends 6/30/12 ! 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! <3