Style Wars

About 2 weeks ago Miami Style Mafia decided to do an event that would include a style-off between 2  blogger teams. The 2 teams were Steffy’s Pros and Cons and Nany’s Klozet vs Ria Michelle and I! There were 3 rounds and each round had a theme. We only had 7 minutes to dress our model so we definitely had to work quickly, a little stressful but fun!

Round 1 ( What to wear to a magazine issue release party during Art Basel )

Round 2 ( What to wear to a sunset cocktail party on a yacht )

Round 3 ( What to wear to a date night on a rooftop resto )

Out of 3 rounds Ria and I won 2 of them, which means we WON! Totally grinning from ear to ear in that last photo, haha! The event was incredibly fun and I’m happy to have been a part of it!

Check out the video of the event!