My Son, My Family, My World

Family Portrait Family Portrait Family Portrait Family Portrait Family Portrait

April 1st of 2018 will no doubt be the best day of my life. The day my son, my whole world was born. Just typing those words gives me goosebumps. I mean, I’m a MOM. Wow. He has brought so much joy and so so so much love into our lives. He turned 10 months old today and all I want to do is slow down time. Every parent I know says the same thing and it’s because even though the first couple of months are extremely trying and there’s always something to be worried about or always something to do in between everything else. You just want those tiny moments with them to last forever. There’s a quote that I read while Nathan was just a few weeks old that hit me hard and I most definitely bawled my eyes out (still do). It goes like this “The Nights are so very long. But the years, are so very short“.

I’m forever changed because of my son, in the best way possible. Now to plan my little ones 1st birthday!

The Line by K Marfa dress, Mango earrings 

Family Portraits taken by Pablo Costanzo 

Dripping In Gold

For a while, silver was my go to choice when it came to everything, but this no longer applies to me now. There’s something so much more elegant and clean about gold that now I can’t ever go back, well only if it suits me better in that moment. Hah.

1. Saint Laurent monogram ring – THIS beauty. Need need need.

2. Vanessa Mooney choker – My love for chokers continues and Vanessa Mooney has been killing it lately especially with this beauty and also her Supernova collection with For Love & Lemons. so BOMB.

3. Midi ring set – Adore midi rings because they give your hands instant life and they’re so fun.

4.  Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses – Why aren’t these mine?

5. Spiraling rings – These are just way too cool and affordable to pass up.

6. Marc By Marc Jacobs iphone case – Brass knuckle shaped handle and it’s in a gold metallic tone? Of course I love it.

7. Essie gold nail effects – I’m still pretty iffy with nail wraps but maybe it’s because I suck at putting them on. These beauties makes me want to give it another go.