Wild Wild Weekend

 The Gypsy Music Djing at UMFJovann & Marcos

The Boys and I! <3

always wearing Unif

Ria and I at The Standard

Words cannot describe how fun this silk robe by Unif was on Sunday! so amazing!

Rony and I.

This past weekend was the most exciting and amazing weekend of the month of March. What else can you expect though? It was WMC/Ultra weekend afterall. The boys from The Gypsy Music hooked me up with Ultra passes, THANK YOU! They’re a Miami based DJ duo that kick ass at what they do and you must check them out! At Ultra I danced like some kind of wild child and I hung out with some of my amazing friends and bf and met tons of new people. Music always has the tendency to bring people together from all around the world to just simply enjoy it and DANCE! fun fun fun times I tell you.

Once the madness was over on Sunday I decided to skip ultra and go to Lazy Sunday at The Standard Hotel with Ria (partner in crime). Kanon Vodka hosted the party there in which made things SO much better. They had custom cocktails which were absolutely delicious and refreshing! The music, the vibes, the friends and of course the drinks were the things that I needed to just end my spectacular weekend.

{pictures taken from Justin Ewing , Ronysphotobooth , & The CobraSnake }