Drove Me Wild

(StyleStalker top, gifted Dittos jeans, Elizabeth & James solar boots, gifted Danielle Nicole alexa tote bag, Alexander Wang sunglasses )

Sorry if I blinded you with the wild yellow gate that I chose to partake in this particular outfit. HAH! It just wouldn’t be right to not have a contrasting wall to go with my outfits from time to time. nope nope nope.

Anyway, the tote bag that I’m carrying has been  my everyday day bag ever since I received it when I went to the Macy’s blogger brunch a while back and even got the chance to meet the designer, Danielle Nicole! She was really down to earth and her collection is really adorable, the quality is pretty great too. I’ve carried so much shiz in this bag. it’s not even funny. I feel like this bag should be falling apart from how much I’ve abused it but no. It’s a freaking trooper. Amazing.

I’ve been really enjoying wearing colored jeans with black or neutral tops lately, there’s just something about the overall look that I love. Speaking of colored jeans, I’m quite fond of these by Dittos because well they feel like I’m not wearing “jeans”. They’re extremely comfortable and feel really nice against my skin. Always a plus to have when wearing jeans. At least for me.

Tons of love!