The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat  The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat The Scarlet Room, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Vanessa Mooney, Gorjana Nordstrom, wide brimmed fedora hat

The Scarlet Room matching set c/o – Tibi heels (SIMILAR) – Alexander Wang bag – Vanessa Mooney choker – Gorjana x Nordstrom necklace c/o – H&M wide brimmed fedora hat (2 great options HERE & HERE)

I feel like owning a black wide-rimmed fedora is a must in my book. It compliments so many styles especially when you’re into more dark and edgy things like I am. I like to channel my inner witch (hah) from time to time and a black hat is key. A brand that makes killer hats is Lack of Color, I have my eye on a couple of them. So good.

As of now I own two matching sets and I’m definitely into them. This checkered one in particular has all my favorite colors, blues, white, and of course white. Apparently, I can’t seem to stray away from any of these colors. -shrug- oh well.

I’m currently in the process of buying last minute things for my trip to Palm Springs that’s in a week. I’m desperate for some r&r and to do nothing but sunbathe, drink tons of champagne and chill by the pool with the boyfriend. The thought of all that makes me happy but so anxious. I cannot wait!

If any of you lovely people know any good recommendations of places to go while I’m there, please let me know. i do want to sight see a bit. Thank you in advance.


Shades of Cool

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 1

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 2

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 3

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 4

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 5

Bardot, Rocksbox, Quay Summer Collection 6

Three of Something empire cami HERE c/o – Bardot faux leather gym shorts HERE c/o – H&M bag – Quay sunglasseswhite Converse RocksBox silver ring & cuff

It’s Sunday and I couldn’t be happier with how I decided to spend my weekend. Basically, I did a whole lot of nothing. Swim Week is right around the corner so conserving my energy is a MUST.

The weather in Miami has been unbearable for the last couple of weeks. It’s either raining like crazy or REALLY hot and humid. That’s why owning camis that show enough skin and cute shorts is a must. Keeping things simple and being comfortable is of the most importance to me lately and more so on hot sunny days.



[XC sweatshirt c/o MISBHV ] t-shirt version here

[ H&M skirt ]

[ Zara boots ]

[ LUV AJ double septum earrings ] or here

[ Rayban white wayfarers ]

[purse c/o Forever 21 ]

Yes, I know it’s not sweater weather in Miami but this killer sweatshirt is a part of my life now and I had to share it. I’ve been obsessing with the brand MISBHV for quite some time now. I stumbled across the brand when I started seeing THIS tee everywhere and I haven’t stopped lusting after their stuff since then. Their collections just here getting better and better. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago back my boyfriend purchased these Zara booties for me since he knew I wanted to add more boots to my collection. He know me so well! hehe. Sure the Acne pair are the real deal and hell yeah I wanted them but these babies are special and they’ll do justtt fine.



Our view from our room

China town

Day 1 outfit of Outside Lands

(Wearing: c/o Forever 21 black sweater, c/o RayBan clubmaster sunglasses, UNIF skirt, H&M boots )

Brunch goodness

Ria, my brunch date. hehe

Japan town

Arabelle & Ria, such cuties.

Purikura in Japan town was a must. duh.

Day 2 outfit of Outside Lands

Thanks Ryan for snapping these AMAZING photos of me at Outside Lands. You totally rule. Photo by: Ryan Chua

(Wearing: UNIF moto jacket, UNIF dress, Spitfire sunglasses c/o Edge of Urge , H&M boots )

Photo by: Ryan Chua

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s rocked my world so hard. They were everything. Karen O is the besttt.

Ria & I at the ASOS Penthouse party at the Clift Hotel. Such an fun event! Photo by: Ryan Chua

Finally met Lindsey from Complacency Kills , such a babe and so nice! <33 Photo by: Ryan Chua

Can’t do a Sunday brunch without bottomless mimosas.

I’m pretty sure this was the best brunch I’ve ever had at this cute little spot called Sugar Cafe.

The Golden Gate bridge completely had me in awe. So beautiful.

(wearing: Stussy X MadeMe jacket, Gail Sorronda oh my goth t-shirt, boyfriend jeans c/o Missguided, H&M boots)

Us being tourists. hehe

Our hotel view with some fog action. Crrrazy.

Already want to go back to S.F to have some more of these bomb oysters. SO GOOD!

The impact this trip to San Francisco had on me completely took me by surprise. Mainly because I don’t deal well with cold weather and well it’s summer so of course I find myself always needing the warmth of the sun on my skin at all times. I mean, I’m a Miami girl so yeah. Anyway, the cold actually wasn’t so bad and the city itself just made me forget about weather. That alone is a big deal.

Those 5 days went by so fast but we definitely tried to cram in as much as we could and did a little bit of everything. Outside Lands was one of those things and man was it awesome. My love for music is pretty evident so being in a music festival is pretty much like paradise to me and just the fact that I got to see the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and jam to their killer set list (they played date with a night, gold lion, art star, maps, heads will roll, just to name a few!)  just makes me that much of a happier person.

The ASOS penthouse was another highlight of my trip. I got the chance to hang out with cool S.F peeps, have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the night setting with great music blaring in the background. Totally can’t beat that. Plus ASOS had awesome gift bags for their guests so the whole night was just a win/win all around.

The remainder of our days included eating at awesome little spots, doing tourist things but mainly just trying to enjoy the city as much as we could. It was definitely an unforgettable trip and so glad my girl Ria let me tag along and experience the whole thing with her, love her! I’m already anxious to go back. hehe

Be on the look out for my next post because I’ll be doing an epic giveaway and I can only hope you don’t want to miss out on that!











Valley Of The Dolls

(Top c/o 2020ave , h&m pants, Filthy Magic necklace)

Lipstick: MAC Neon Orange

Venice beach. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so much chill vibes anywhere than this place, wish I could have enjoyed it more . I did manage to enjoy a delicious brunch and did score some awesome rings.

I seriously need another vacation, asap. At least I have Art Basel to look forward to, it is approaching quickly. All I can think about is, “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?”. What a dilemma. hah! Not really but you know what I mean.