Brand New Year

[Caught up crop top c/o 2020ave]

[Topshop vinyl pencil skirt in camel]

[Alexander Wang pelican sling bag]

First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! 2013 came and left so fast, kind of creeped me out but 2014 is here and I’m feeling pretty great about it. I didn’t really bother setting any New Year resolutions because I personally have come to the conclusion that it just puts too much pressure on yourself. Forget that. I’m going to spend this new year being as happy as I can be and take one day at a time. That’s it.

So I’ve been wanting to try something new so I went ahead and purchased a vinyl skirt because the material really intrigued me. I went with the classic shape of a pencil skirt to make it as flattering as possible (justtt in case) and I’m so glad I did because it fits so freaking great. I love it so much that I want a black version of it or something like it. Of course, I felt the need to pair it with this awesome crop top. It’s definitely not your average crop top too, it has a lovely high neck with a slight rise in the center. It’s perfect. 2020ve carries so many good things and they’re price range is even better. If you haven’t checked them out, please do.

Okay I’m off to go continue my Lost daze. I’m addicted to that show and I don’t even why. Hah!