(10th Tribe Zion beanie, UNIF Gwen skirt, UO mesh tank top, MMM x H&M silver bracelet, UO silver purse & collar necklace, Elizabeth & James solar boots (on sale!) or here )

lipstick: MAC so chaud

I wanted to say that I’m wearing one of my all time favorite thing in this post but I’d be lying because everything I’m wearing would be on my “Current Favorite” lists. SERIOUSLY. My amazing Unif skirt with a killer slit and it’s versatility. My Zion beanie in which weirdly I’m obsessed with, and by weirdly I mean since I’m not really a beanie kind of gal. Thanks to 10th Tribe though I am 100% a beanie lover now. Last but most definitely not least my new Elizabeth & James boots. I don’t think I’ve ever put on a pair of boots that made me feel so fabulous and ecstatic once putting them on. The quality is impeccable! I might never take them off guys. Don’t judge me.