Disaronno Terrace – Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe at the press junket for his new film “Kill Your Darlings”.

Daniel’s beloved fans waiting to meet him! (So lucky)

Daniel being interview by Ciak (Italian Magazine) and also meeting his fans.

Tess Posthumus, winner of Disaronno’s Mixing Star competition.

Nathan Burdette, this year’s USA Mixing Star winner.

One of my favorite young hollywood actor Daniel Radcliffe made an appearance at the Venice Film Festival. His new movie “Kill Your Darlings” (trailer below) was a featured presentation at the festival and some fans even got to chance to meet him. Talk about being lucky! Later on, Disaronno hosted a party in which Radcliffe was the guest star of the night.  All of the attendees had their Disaronno cocktails made by two winning Mixing Stars, Nathan Burdette and Tess Posthumus. Clearly, Disaronno can do no wrong. They know how to host an eventful night.

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  1. Ria September 10, 2013 / 9:22 pm

    It’s so weird to me STILL seeing Daniel as a full grown adult outside of Harry Potter. Like my brain can’t comprehend it. That movie looks really interesting as well, and has so many cool people. I’m a big Ben Foster fan so I’m really happy to see him working he is an EXCELLENT actor and I think under appreciated.

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