Just Living

The Standards mini burgers are everythingggg

cheering with a mimosa (duh) and a mango smoothie. haha

yes, the pool is as magical as it looks. don’t mind the people and how i caught them. oops

lipstick, mimosa in hand, & sunshine. It’s all I need really.

Pier jumping!


I spent my Labor day Monday soaking up the sun at The Standard with Justin. It was everything I wanted and much more. I don’t think I can ever ever ever get enough of that place, actually I know I can’t. It’s fun and peaceful all at the same time.  It was a magical ending to my long weekend.

(La Belle Rebelle Cosmic dancer suit )

This post wouldn’t be complete without me sharing with you guys my favorite bathing suit EVER. Fab from La Belle Rebelle was kind enough to send me this beauty! It’s high waisted and has the cutest print ever! You guys need to check out her collection. It’s young, retro, and everything you can ask for in a bathing suit! Thanks again Fab, you’re the bestest!


Suped Up Slashers x Prettystellar style


As you all know Mink Pink is doing a killer contest in which you just customize your pair of slasher shorts(or any denim shorts), send in your photo of them and have people vote ! You can read about it in full detail in THIS post of mine. If you haven’t done so, I totally think you should! The prize IS a $1,000 wardrobe! Nope, you didn’t read wrong!! It does end on Aug. 5, so hurry!

Anywho, I joined in on the fun and this is my result!

At first i wanted to dye them pink and yellow , but at the end decided on just the yellow tone.

Once dry, I decided to add some fun patches and of course leopard print material inside the pockets!

Definitely went for the 90’s vibe with these babies, and check out that pink pony, hehe 😉 !


BBQ + Friends


Ria being her cute self


having too much fun with that flag, hehe

Nessa’s adorable dog

Berna and I

Justin making some good BBQ

Victoria and I

my favorite couple, Nessa and Maurice ! <33

This long Memorial Day weekend that just passed included alot of relaxing and BBQ’s! My lovely friend Nessa decided to throw a great Memorial day BBQ, her get togethers are always a guaranteed good time. We drank tons of mimosas, ate some good BBQ, all while enjoying each others company and having some fun times!



sushi on boats

crab salad. yum!


le bf

sake shots!

I’m not the biggest sushi lover but I do enjoy going to Ozzi Sushi Bar. Sashimi just creeps me out really,which kind of defeats the purpose of going to a sushi restaurant but oh well! This spot is too cute and welcoming to not love it. I think it’s the little boats carrying the sushi and the delicious home-brewed flavored sake that makes it so special. If there is one thing you must know about me is that I’m a sucker for sake, especially if it’s pineapple infused sake!